Friday, June 5, 2009

Hair, Hair, Long Beautiful Hair!

Most brides, when planning their wedding think about the “look” that they’re going for LONG before they think about other things. Well, since I’ve never been what you might call “traditional” in the first place, why should this be any different? I mean, let’s face it, I have had other things on my mind…pesky eggplant tablecloths…

So, now that my attention can be diverted elsewhere, I’m starting to think about the look that I want to pull off for myself. You know ladies, the important things – hair, make-up, nails, SHOES!
I’m SO sorry Mr. CC, but you’re going to have to excuse yourself if you’re reading this post…Thank you! Love you!

I’m having a weekend with my ladies (and Mama CC and Sister CC are going to try to join in on the fun as well!) here in a week, and there are several pressing questions that I hope to get answers to that weekend. Of main concern to me is my hair. Mainly because it affects several things – it’s not just about how my hair looks, but what I wear with my dress and my hairstyle.

Here are some inspiration pics of some bridal hairstyles that I like.

all images courtesy of

What you might notice about all of these is that there is almost no pattern. I like each picture for different reasons. Some of them because they look soft and romantic, some of them work with the dress and overall feel of the day, and some of them capture more of “me” than the others do. Some of them have barrettes, some tiaras, some just veils. I’m NOT a big fan of the trendy floral fascinator or the birdcage veils. I know that for sure, which actually does help eliminate some options.

But most importantly, some of the hair styles are up and others are down. When I first started to think about hair, I just assumed that I would wear my hair up, something like picture #1, 5, 6, or 10. But truth be told, there’s a side of me that would actually consider wearing it down. I have long, naturally curly hair and get complimented on how beautiful it is on a daily basis. (Well, on the days that I wake up in time to fix it that is!) I’m not really trying to sound conceited by saying that, it’s just a fact that I get compliments on my hair when I wear it down. Check out this picture to jog your memory.
But if I leave it down…that covers up one of my favorite parts of my dress…the back. I think that the back of my dress and the closure is one of the prettiest parts about my dress. Then again, I guess if the work-out wagon didn’t “work out” (no actual pun intended) wearing my hair down could help to cover up any back cleavage that still remained…

I know, I know. That’s NOT a good plan. But you get what I’m saying, right?

I wonder if I could do something that was kind of half up and half down. Something like picture #7,8, 9 or 11? And just in case you’re wondering if weather would be an option, my hair is normally at its best during the fall month of October/November when the wedding is planned. Not too much humidity to make it crazy frizzy.

What do you think? Have any opinions on whether a curly-haired bride should contain it all away or let it flow naturally? I’m honestly torn between the two options…

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