Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Workout Update - Week #5

I hear you, I hear you. I know that I’m running a day behind on my workout recap…it wasn’t intentional, I just got my days mixed up! Trust me, I weighed in and measured right on time just like normal on Monday night, but then mixed my days up when I scheduled the posts to hit my blog…

I posted last week about my concerns about being on the road and not being able to do full workouts, as well as eating out all week long. I tried to be good and make good choices about what I ate, but oftentimes when you’re on the road on business you don’t really get a lot of say about what you eat. For example, our lunches last week were all ordered in for us, and no one that I knew got any say about what we had to eat. So your choices can be limited. And those people that place the food orders obviously did NOT have my bridal workouts in mind when they ordered dessert almost every single day to accompany our lunches! Oh well, I did the best that I could and didn’t suffer any for it.

Or at least, I was hoping that I didn’t!

I also managed to work out a little bit more than I was thinking I would be able to, which was a good thing. Especially since I didn’t deny myself the lunchtime cookies! I mean, come on…what normal, woman can resist a chocolate chip cookie when it’s set right in front of you? There are some strong women out there, but I’m NOT one of them when it comes to chocolate chip cookies…

Ok – enough chit chat. You don’t care about all of that…you just want to know how it all ended up, right? Right. So here we go…

The end of Week #5 left me 1 pound lighter and another ¼” off of my waist!

YEA! I proved to myself that I can work on the road and still do good with my eating choices and my exercise. I’m thrilled with my progress and it’s really starting to show with the way that some of my clothes are fitting…I’ll be tickled pink to get back into some of my dress pants that I either haven’t been able to wear in a while, or thought that they didn’t flatter me as well (even though I can technically button them) as they used to.

So, I’m trying to keep up the good work over here. Now that I’m back home, Mr. CC and I are back to our workout routine, and let me tell you, having a week off of some of the workouts (because I couldn’t do them without the videos) has been HARD to get back into doing. Plyometrics just about killed me last night! But I did it…and I’m not too terribly sore today.

How do you handle travelling while on a diet/exercise regime? Was it difficult or easier than you thought that it would be?

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