Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Word is in...They're a BIG Hit!

I’m SO excited….word is slowly trickling in from various sources that people are receiving their STDs…and they LOVE them!

If you could see me now, you’d see that I am currently doing a happy dance in my cubicle…

I’m thrilled that my hard work and slight obsession with details paid off in such a big way! It’s a big relief when something that you so lovingly create is appreciated so well…just makes all the stress and worry worth it somehow. Since I want to wait another day or so before I post the actual Save the Date images, here’s something to hold you over.

I did a boo boo….

Can anyone spot it?

Did you get it yet?

Here…let me help a little bit…

Yep, ladies and gents, that’s an actual addressed and embossed STD from my pile set out to mail. Am I lucky that I caught this one BEFORE I put the stamp on the envelope and mailed it or what?

How funny might it be to the recipients if I DIDN’T catch it? SHE might get a good laugh…HE might not laugh so much…

I can’t even tell you how this happened or what I was thinking when it happened – it’s just a typo. Yes ma’am, as much as my favorite font from LOOKS like handwriting, it’s actually printed through my computer, which means that this was a typo on my Excel spreadsheet, which transferred to the mail merge and onto my envelope.

The really sad thing might be that I didn’t even catch this when I was doing the stamping and embossing…and I REALLY thought that I had stared at each of the envelopes pretty hard while doing that whole process! Just goes to show how much TV you can really watch while doing wedding DIY projects!

So, even though I think that this would be hilarious to send out, for the sake of Mr. CC I’m going to correct my mistake and redo this particular envelope. But maybe I should go over that Excel file ONE MORE TIME before I close the door on STDs…

It might be worth the extra 5 minutes it would take me.

Please tell me that I’m not the only person to do this when addressing formal invitations? Surely this happens to other brides/organizers…

Was it as simple as mine to correct or did you happen to send it out and the recipient corrected you? Now THAT would be funny!

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