Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Keeping Things in Check

In all of the hoopla that gets created in a wedding, there are some things that you need to keep foremost in your mind and in your priorities. Well, these are the things that I try to keep in the front of my mind, they won’t apply to everyone I’m sure…but these are mine.

#1 – This is OUR wedding day. Every little detail needs to reflect us – who we are, where we came from, where we’re going. Each of us has unique personality traits (likes/dislikes) that can be incorporated into our wedding and SHOULD be incorporated into the wedding no matter what etiquette says or anyone else says. This is the ONE day in our lives that we get to be totally selfish and do things how we want to. So keeping it about what we want, and making it a true reflection of us is REALLY super important to us (or maybe just to me!). I know that not everyone would put so much into all of the little things that stress me out on a daily basis, but I truly feel that it’s the little things in life that count; and it will be those little personal touches that make this day memorable for us and for our guests.

#2 – Involving those that matter to us. This one is a big one for me. It is SO important to me to involve our families and loved ones in this special day. No matter if they are there as guests, or have a special role on that day, each and every person that is important to me and Mr. CC will be there. Including our children. I can’t imagine not having my daughter or Mr. CC’s son there by our sides as we take this step in our relationship. They’ve been with us every step of the way, and not having them be an important part of this day would make it incomplete. I also am working really hard to find a way to incorporate those that are no longer with us, those that we cherish and hold close in our hearts, whether they’re with us on this plane or the next. I just want to make sure that each person who is able to be there with us knows how much they’ve meant to us – they’ve all had helping hands in creating the person that we are today, and that’s important for me to honor them for.

#3 – No matter what happens, at the end of the day – I WILL BE MARRIED TO THE MAN THAT I LOVE. I will have created a new family, blended mine with his and started our own family. No matter what happens. Rain, sleet, snow, flowers dying, music not being right, food being horrible…none of those things are what is important in the long run. Those things not happening will make my day better, sure – but it won’t make me any less married at the end of the day. Sharing our joy and love and laughter is what is most important to us, no matter what happens to the rest of it all. This point is what I try to focus on most when I feel the stress start to get to me. It’s really helped me, so maybe it will help you too!

Those are my top three. Like I said, they may not be your top three, but they’re mine. Since it’s my wedding (and my blog), then I get to say what mine are. Share with me what yours are (were) when you were planning things and caught up in drama of it all…

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