Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Workout Update - Week #3

Yep, it's Tuesday...which means that you get two posts from me today! One regular post, and one to update you on my workout status.

This last week was hard. The workouts are getting easier (or I'm getting accustomed to pain, I don't know which!) but this week I overdid it a little bit one night. As a result, I've been dealing with a really touchy left knee. I'm not even sure what I did or when I did it, but last Thursday morning when I went to work my knee was all swollen and I had to keep ice on it all day long.

Because of that, I actually had TWO days off this past week! Yea me and poor me all at the same time...why poor me you ask? Because that meant that first workout back was THAT much harder! But I used a knee brace and worked through it. I did what I could and didn't worry about the rest.

So, enough chit-chat, this is supposed to be short and sweet...

At the end of Week #3, I have lost another pound and 1/2" off of my waist line. VERY COOL!

Next week, Mr. CC and I will have completed our first month. That means that we take a 30 day picture to compare against our Day 1 pictures, and we total up our progress for the month. Although I might love you enough NOT to share those pictures, you can count on me tallying up my progress for the first month!

Thank you for all of your help and support - keep it coming! It really helps motivate me to continue on the painful path of working out! Talk to you later...

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