Friday, March 20, 2009

An "Easy" Wedding Decision...our Photographer

I had written a previous post about how I "auditioned" and booked our wedding photogrpaher already here. But I realized that I never posted any of her amazing work in the post. And I didn't give her a typical review...

So please give me some leniency and allow me to do so at this're're reading...might as well have some "eye candy" to look at!

Enter on the scene: Christina Carroll of Christina Carroll Photography. I found her on a vendor search on and visited her website (she keeps a blog too!) to view her pictures. I fell in love with her work. (All photo credits obvisouly need to go to Christina Carroll Photography.)

I mean who wouldn’t love pictures like this?

Or this?
And what about this one?
And OK - I have to put one more...becuase I LOVE the way that she seemed to capture this bride's mood in a picture...
For our personal shoot, I have to admit that Christina was such a JOY to work with! AND she was endlessly helpful in getting me ready for the shoot - bonus points. Not only did she email with some suggestions for props, but she had locations in mind (in case I didn’t) and was willing to travel to two or three locations with little CC and yours truly to capture all that we wanted to do. She even checked in with me a few days before the shoot was scheduled to happen to make sure of what I was thinking about wearing, and had suggestions ready for me to make the most of the shoot.

The day of the shoot, she arrived on time, and was ready to work. She spent a few minutes getting to know little CC (as kids can be tempermental at best to photograph!) and then she set to work. She has an easy style – managing to direct you without telling you exactly how to do it, and she sort of blended into the background most of the afternoon while little CC and I played. I followed her suggestions and had a bag full of props for us to use for the pictures and we did three wardrobe changes. For some shots, Christina directed the whole thing, and others she listened to what I was thinking of doing and managed to capture the shot that I had dreamt up in my head, which was such a testament to her fabulous talent.

Check out some of my favorites from that day:
I knew right then, that I had found our wedding photographer. And I was thrilled with the way that I had chosen to research her further. I got a great Christmas gift for my parents and a wedding photographer “audition” all in one!

Were any of the vendors that you chose for your wedding this easy to decide on? Did anyone else do a “trial run” with your photographer?

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