Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It’s FINAL…a decision HAS been reached!

There are a few people out there that are going to be SO proud to read this post. BH you can breathe a sigh of relief that we won’t be having those long, drawn-out conversations about nothing except for colors…and I KNOW that Mr. CC is going to be elated when he sees this in writing. We talked about it the other day, but I know that he was still skeptical…

What all-important decision has been reached, you ask?

I have selected wedding colors!

I know, I know. You were thinking that maybe it was going to be something a little more…well, I don’t know what could possibly be MORE important than choosing wedding colors. I really don’t. Do you know, or can you understand, how important this decision is? Everything regarding the whole wedding planning process is touched in some way by this decision. Everything. From the dresses, to the tuxes, to the flowers, to the centerpieces, the stationary, and even down to the table linens and favors. They are ALL affected by the color scheme that I select for our wedding.

Ok, so maybe you’re thinking that it’s not THAT big of a deal that I didn’t have this decided upon yet. And truthfully, although I’ll deny that I ever wrote this at a later date, maybe I’ve made this a teensy-bit harder than it actually had to be. I get that. I do. But most of you know about this anal-retentive, obsessive, type A personality side of me, and you all love me anyway…so how could I NOT make this decision harder than it has to be? Yeah, I really couldn’t help myself.

But that being said, the selection is made and the decision is final. Yes, BH and Mr. CC, I said final. No matter what anyone else should come up to me and say regarding my decision. No matter what other picture that I see in my next bridal magazine (I should probably just stop reading them now!) of a new and different color scheme that I hadn’t previously considered. It doesn’t matter. I promise. To keep my own sanity, I know that this decision has to be final and made.

So without further ado…I give you my wedding colors…



Eggplant (deep purple for those of you who might be color-challenged)


There will also be some pinks (both light and dark) thrown in for good measure here and there so that the Stargazer Lilies that Mr. CC and I love so much will fit right in. The main colors will be black and cream (ivory) and the eggplant and the lavender shades (and also pinks) will be accent colors. I don’t want the whole wedding to be purple, but I need more than just the black and cream. I think that the deep purple of the eggplant color will lend some elegance and charm to the venue, going along with my rustic elegance theme in my head, and the lavender will lighten it all up a little.

I LOVE the color purple. And I have struggled SO hard with this decision because it’s my favorite color. You know, sometimes a favorite color isn’t meant to be a wedding color. But I think that I will regret not making this wedding MY wedding, and what better way to do that than to have my favorite color there? There’s no better way, let me assure you. And having the option of throwing in some pinks in there to complete the look just…well, I can’t resist saying it…I’m just “tickled pink!”

I know, I know. Corny. That’s me. Welcome to my world.

So there. Whew. That felt SO good to put in writing. I have my wedding colors. Oh, I got a little tingle just writing it again! (I know that I’m silly, it’s ok – you can laugh along with me)

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