Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Five Dresses and a Decision to Make...

So there I was…a girl with five bridal gowns...a choice to make…and no one close enough to her to help!

*Side note – Mr. CC, if you are reading this post, you need to stop reading right now. One of these dresses might be THE dress, so I promise that this post isn’t about you or anything. Do NOT read any further!!! Or suffer my wrath!

Like he’s really scared…who am I kidding? LOL!

Since I had three hours to call in the Calvary, I did what any self-respecting bride faced with this dilemma would do. I sent out an email to my best girl friends and asked for their advice. Now, being the not-so-smart girl that I tend to be at times, I didn’t take any pics of myself in the actual dresses…the lady told me that I could take pics, but I had misplaced my trusty digital camera somewhere along the move into Mr. CC’s house…hmmm…perplexing…

So I sent the next best thing. I sent them the model shots of my favorite contenders. I needed help eliminating one or two of them (or maybe three!) so that I could try to make the decision when I tried them all on again that evening at my 5:30 appointment.

Here they are in no particular order:

Gown #1:

Gown #2:

Gown #3:

Gown #4:

Gown #5:

And the really crazy thing is that they are all SO different! Yes, they all had some things in common between them, but there was no true rhyme or reason to my selections other than that they were dresses that I liked for different reasons. And let me just add in the personal side note that I looked SMASHING in all of them! There didn’t seem to be one that didn’t flatter me. Having said that, I will put in a plug for the designer – it wasn’t me that looked so good, I truly think the dresses would have flattered most body types.

Lucky for me, when I rescheduled my appointment, I called my FMIL and told her about it. She works for the state, so she had President’s Day off, but she and FFIL had traveled out of town for the long weekend, and hadn’t gotten back to town yet. They tried to drive a little faster and make my 2pm appointment, but didn’t have any luck. So, being the persistent little bee that I try to be, I called her again and dangled the 5:30 appointment in front of her like the proverbial carrot on a stick. Since she’s only got sons, she jumped at the chance to do some bridal gown shopping in a flash, and agreed to meet me there at 5:30.

So I had nothing to do but wait anxiously to hear back from my peeps from afar on their personal favorites. Lucky for me, my peeps are fast and loyal. They all answered me back and gave me some advice, and there were two that were chosen by all my ladies. Which made my job even easier when I went back at 5:30. I was able to honestly say that the decision was down to four dresses….
Was anyone else able to narrow their selection down AFTER they physically left the store? Did that make it easier when you went back? Or did you end up putting the dress that you had taken out of the running back in when you saw it in person?

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