Friday, February 20, 2009

Dreaming of Dresses...

So mentioning yesterday that it must be fate…imagine my surprise when I checked my hotmail account late on Sunday night and notice that the Alfred Angelo website had sent me a notice about a SALE that was going on over the weekend. And since this was just last weekend, the sale actually continued through Monday due to President’s Day. I clicked on the link and went to the website to see a BIG sign showing that by presenting the attached coupon you could get up to $300 off of your bridal gown…

Yep, looks like that guardian angel is watching out for me all over again! Even though the dress that I had been drooling over for the last few months was not in the most expensive category, which was probably where the largest discounts were given, $50 is $50, ya know? And this bride IS trying to do things on a budget….

So I spent some time surfing their site that evening and picking out some dresses that I wanted to try on. There is a feature on their website that allows you to save your favorites into your “dressing room” for easy access the next time that you log in. I put 15 dresses between bridesmaid and bridal gowns into my dressing room and trotted off to bed to have happy dreams of trying on bridal gowns the next day.

I mean, come on, let’s be honest here. What girl wouldn’t skip happily off to bed knowing that she’s going to dream about the gorgeous dresses in the store the next day? No one that I know of. And if I’m completely 100% honest about things, there was ONE dress in particular that I was going to try on. There were a lot of styles that I liked…but there was one that I was in love with over the internet and magazine ads. Love, love, love and more love.

And the really crazy thing is that about a week earlier I was reading my daily dose of and started eyeing this gown that this one bride in particular was wearing. She was doing recaps of her wedding last fall, so there were plenty of pictures of her in her dress. Everyday she sent in a different part of her wedding, and every day I just fell more and more in love with her dress. Imagine my surprise when I read one day that her dress was an Alfred Angelo dress…hmmm…yep, that caught my attention. Sure enough, when I tracked her blog back to when she wrote about buying her dress I found the style number listed. Could it be? Are my eyes deceiving me? Is it the same style that I’ve secretly started to fall in love with? Am I now guilty of coveting this girl’s wedding dress? Yes. Yes, I am.

So when I happily skipped off to bed that night, it was with the knowledge that my little lovely was in my internet dressing room, just waiting for me to show up the next day and try her on…

I was a bit disgruntled to find that the store didn’t open until 11am. WHO opens at 11? Apparently the Alfred Angelo store – yes, mom I hear your sarcastic remark before you can even think it! It just seemed a little late in the day to me…oh well. I “patiently” waited all morning long and was calling their store at 11:05 am (so that I didn’t seem TOO eager, you know?) to see if I could schedule an appointment. Now, to be perfectly honest, it’s been a while since I’ve done this. About 14 years to be exact, so I didn’t know if you could call and expect to be seen the same day. Lucky for me, there was no decision to torment myself over because the girl that answered the phone promptly wished me good morning and immediately asked if I would like to make an appointment all in one breath.

Yes. Yes, I would. Thank you for asking kind sales girl…and yes, I am available today…if you’ve got an opening…great! I’ll see you at 2pm. Bye! Yea me!

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