Thursday, January 29, 2009

Venue Option B : Texas Old Town, Kyle, TX

So now we’re down to just one…and yep, you guessed it, this one is MORE than likely going to be our winner. There are a few other options that I need to double check myself on, but this venue met all of our needs. And then some.

Introducing Texas Old Town (

I don’t remember exactly how I found this place…I think that I had just done a generic search on for wedding reception facilities and this website popped up. At first glance, I wasn’t really sold on anything other than it seemed to fit the feel of what we were talking about wanting for the wedding (rustic elegance) and the spacious rooms and outdoor ceremony sites made this one worth re-visiting. I sent an email off to the contact address asking for rates and more information. The owner, Danny German, was more than quick to reply and has been MORE than gracious during the three months between our first contact with him and the actual appointment to see this place this past weekend.

You see, I was in a dilemma about how much I could actually do for the wedding without being actually engaged. Yes, this put pressure on my sweetie to pop the big question, but there came a point in my looking that this might seem to be the front runner in the list of venue options, and I didn’t feel right going to see the place until I was ACTUALLY engaged. And then, of course, once I was engaged, there was too much actually going on with the holidays and work-related stuff to even consider making appointments to see venues.

So fast forward to last week…when it hits me like a ton of bricks that January is almost OVER and I haven’t made ANY wedding decisions yet! YIKES!!

A quick phone call on Friday afternoon fixed that up, and we had an appointment to view the facilities on Saturday morning. Now you’re probably wondering what this place had over all of the others that I was looking at online to make me actually call them instead of just researching more…so I’ll tell you.

I liked the look of the place – outdoors Hill Country meets wedding reception venue. Old world charm with modern amenities for a nice wedding.

Everything was wood in sight – walls, ceilings, chairs, tables and flooring – which means, yep, you guessed right – built in dance floor!

Rental rates included the ceremony site along with the hall rental at no extra charge. Rental also included a FULL DAY – 8am-12am, so set up and take down would be no problem or cost anything extra. Plus, the cost of clean up was included (after removing anything that you brought in yourself) and on site dressing rooms were also part of the package. And an added bonus was that if the facility that you book isn’t reserved the day before your reservation, they don’t care or charge you extra to come out and do set up the day BEFORE! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing – was this heaven on a website?!?!?

Texas Old Town allows outside vendors, but also has agreements with certain vendors and coordinators to allow discounts. Their catering charges quotes on line were WAY below others that I had been looking at, and they do a get together the first or second Friday of the month (Family Night) so that you can come and hang out, play games and taste the goods prior to booking with anyone, including band and dj options. A nice addition, I think. The only vendor that they require is the bartending service, which is not a deal breaker for me, and the rates quoted on music services (both band or dj) were also very reasonable.

So if all of this great stuff is there, what’s the drawback you ask? I’ll tell you. At Texas Old Town, there are three different halls that you can reserve for your event. Which means that on a busy Saturday in the fall, there could be three weddings going on at the same time. I think that you can see where my questions at this point are going, right? How close is each hall to one another? How secluded are the ceremony sites to give me the privacy and romance that I’m looking for? If everyone uses their caterers, and I have the smallest party booked for that day, will I still get the same great service that the larger weddings will get? Of course, this question was addressed on their FAQ page, but of COURSE they’re gonna say that this has never been a problem.

And at this point, I’m thinking that I want to book the smaller hall, Redbud Hall, based on size guidelines that they offer on their website. So I know that I’ll be the smallest wedding/event going on that day…

But all of this could be a moot point once I see the joint. You know? This is getting too long, you’ll just have to wait until tomorrow to see what FH and I thought of the place….

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  1. I have been to multiple weddings at Texas Old Town. I think I have been in every hall(there are four now), and all the halls are lovely. Everyone who has used them has been pleased with how their events were handled. Thumbs up!!