Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Early Contenders...

In my haste to post about the two venue choices that I managed to narrow it down to, I totally forgot all about one of the my early contenders. So, in all fairness, here are a few other wedding venue site that you can check out that I did consider before narrowing it down to the final two…


I really like several of those vendors, but there were problems with the venue. In some cases these venues did NOT include any rentals. Others had restrictions on vendor choices, and I couldn’t justify the additional cost to myself, much less to my fiancĂ©. When there are other choices that do include tables, chairs and dance floors…it just didn’t appease the practical side of my nature. Please feel free to look at them online and give me your feedback though! Maybe you’ll come up with a solution that I hadn’t thought of before I book another place!

There were a few of these venues that I absolutely fell in LOVE with, and then had to cross off for practicality reasons…Austin Museum of Art being the #1 for that category. This was one of my early forerunners in the venue selection. Not only were the grounds FABULOUS, but the gorgeousness of the gardens would make on-site decorating a minimal expense. But the limitations on time of rental, vendor restrictions and no tables, chairs OR dance floor made the cost of the this venue add up quick!

The Allan House we REALLY liked, as it was central to downtown Austin – lots of lodging options, as well as extra entertainment choices for out-of-town guests. The only draw back to there was the lack of space. The house itself is small, the grounds are compact and there is no dance floor. Yes, in some of the pictures on their website you’ll see people dancing, but the flooring is stone, so uneven enough for our guests who are wanting to do a little boot scootin’!

And Angel Springs seemed to fit all requirements but one….it seems REALLY far out of town. With no local accommodations, that means our guests having to drive quite a distance after the reception. And since we’ve already discussed my fears of drinking and driving mixing that night, I just don’t want that on my conscience. I suppose that I could look into some transportation options for our guests, but that seems a bit extreme when I could just opt for a place closer into town.

So there were some of the close runners up for the venue selections. On to the final two….

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